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Thank you for visiting the place where I teach and share about the things that are most important to me, namely my faith in Jesus, my family, ministry stuff, and of course my hobbies (I like to farm my suburban land). I assume you already know my name since you’re at my name .com. It was weird registering my name as a website. I didn’t expect it to be available but all the other Jeff Carver’s in the world let me have it.  Thank you, gentlemen.

Since this is the about me page here are a few facts that you may not know. I was called to ministry in 1999 at the age of 21. I ran from that calling for over three years but, by God’s grace, He didn’t give up on me. 2003 was a big year for me. First of all, I married my beautiful wife, Michelle. Also, though I wasn’t looking to hang out with crazy high schoolers or junior highers, I found myself in youth ministry. The next four years were very precious times in my life and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

I graduated from Liberty University in 2007 with my Bachelor’s degree. Yes, it took me over 10 years to graduate from college; isn’t that normal? I then earned a Master’s degree in 2008 and my M.Div. in 2016 (Summa Cum Laude woo hoo!). I am a pastor. Seriously, a legit pastor and I didn’t have to pay $50 on some website for the honor. In fact, I was ordained in the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) after The Lord called me to plant Vintage Life Church in 2009. I pastored there until 2013 when Michelle and I decided to step back from ministry for a time to become foster parents. We are still in the process and a lot of crazy stuff has happened in the past 4 years (all worth it of course). If you feel inclined you can read my life and family page for updates.

I have devoted most of my efforts in ministry toward teaching and making disciples of Jesus – and helping others do the same. It is my passion and my calling. In 2003 I taught myself enough HTML code to build a website dedicated to helping Christians figure out their spiritual gifts. Ten years later I did a complete overhaul of the site and all of its content. Today, after 14 years online, SpiritualGiftsTest.com is possibly the most used spiritual gifts test on the web. It’s not perfect, but it is a testimony to God’s grace and His heart for people to know how He has uniquely created and gifted them.

Well, there’s much more but after writing all this stuff I’ve realized that an about me page is a bit overkill when the website is your own name. Oh well, here we go… again…

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Jeff Carver, M.Div.

I’m not all about writing letters after my name, but those who know the effort it takes to earn those letters understand! Plus, it’s fun. I wonder what “Ph.D.” feels like… 🙂

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  1. Your site have been a blessing to me. May God give your more grace to press towards the mark. Amen.
    Thank you very much and I am so glad that the Lord brought you along my path.

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